Sunday, November 30, 2008

Harper's Will to Power

National Post Correspondent Don Martin, a fairly conservative columnist, said this week that Harper showed his mean-streak this week by trying to stop subsidies to political parties. He said that the problem with Harper is that he is the type of guy that when he sees the opportunity for a ‘sucker-punch,’ he just can’t resist. Meanwhile the Globe and Mail said that Harper’s desire to destroy the Liberal Party verges on the ‘pathological.’ Finally it is becoming clear what Harper really is: to wit, an ego-maniacal, power-hungry fanatic who not only lusts for power but, perhaps more disturbingly, he is driven by pure cruelty to destroy all of his political opponents at any cost. He is a vicious machine who is worse than pathological; he is a psychotic marauder bent on destruction. Harper supporters have tried to suggest that he is a cautious moderate who has taken a carefully considered middle position. But if he cannot resist an taking an intensely partisan and ideological position in an economic update while he is in a minority government, what would he do if he had a majority? Harper is a politician in the mould of Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld, a man so blinded by his viciousness and ideological drives that he cannot even imagine what it means to compromise and work cooperatively. This is why he is so disgusted and repelled by the idea of a coalition government, because to Harper is about absolute power and one man’s ability to wield it.

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