Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Harpocricy Wins the Day

Harper’s appointment of 18 senators is one of the greatest exercises in political hypocrisy in recent years. And like all great acts of hypocrisy, the hypocrite blames someone else for his lack of integrity. Thus Harper, who said he would never appoint a senator (at least not an unelected one), says it is his political opposition that is to blame for this reversal. So it goes. But even more outrageous than Harper’s hypocrisy are the 18 individuals who accepted an appointment to the senate under such conditions. To accept an appointment to the senate while parliament has been prorogued for partisan political gain demonstrates a remarkable lack of integrity. Harper has a clear constitutional right to make these appointments but to do so when he has continually been opposed to such appointments and while the House has been prorogued demonstrates his amazing lack of leadership. Harper is just another political hack who makes promises that he has no intention of keeping or should know that he cannot keep. It is ironic that the Conservatives have tried to portray every other political leader in the country as dithering and hypocritical, when their own leader is so hopelessly dishonest and fickle in his supposed political commitments.

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