Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Grand Party of Lies and Corruption

Is anyone amazed how quickly the Conservative Party abandoned their entire fiscal approach when political expediency demanded it? That was the fastest political reversal of fundamental principles I have ever seen! Harper’s entire political identity was built on the idea that deficits are always unnecessary, structural or otherwise, now he can’t embrace them fast enough. And the ironies don’t stop there. For years in opposition, the Conservatives told us that the Liberals were fiscally irresponsible for having budget surpluses, suggesting that this simply meant that they were taxing us too highly. But now, I dare say, everyone with an attention span of a five year old can see the advantages of those surpluses. If you have an economic surplus and things go badly, you have something to fall back on. It seems that Harper, who claims to know so much about macro-economics, failed home-economics in high-school.

Well now the conservatives can no longer hide it: capitalism isn’t the perfect self-regulating mechanism that they claim.

And by way of another interesting comparison of the Conservatives with the Liberals: this week the Conservative Party was in court trying to prevent Elections Canada from having access to their documents that might demonstrate that the Conservative Party was in fact guilty of Electoral fraud. Amazing! The Conservative Party is in court trying to prevent disclosure. This is the party that claims that they wanted to open up the government and make it more accountable. Keep in mind that, despite their consistent and ferocious criticisms of the Liberal Party over the sponsorship scandal, at least Paul Martin started an independent public inquiry into the facts. The Conservatives, on the other hand, would have sued the opposition party for suggesting in public that they did anything untoward, and then they would have sought a court injunction to prevent public discourse on the subject.

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