Monday, February 23, 2009

Sid Ryan and Jason Kenney

Let us make it clear once and for all. The effort to oppose the expansionist  and militaristic policies of the state of Israel has nothing to do with intolerance of Jews or Judaism ! Period. One can agree or disagree with Sid Ryan and CUPE Ontario’s resolution to boycott Israeli academics, but it is certainly not about Intolerance. Instead it is a rational protest against the policies of an expansionist, militaristic, state that has created the largest outdoor prison in the world and has set about to systematically destroy a people. Jason Kenney, like so many right-wing politicians, is using anti-Semitism as a bogeyman to undermine people who rightfully oppose the policies of a state. Tell me Mr Kenney was it intolerance that inspired people to call for a boycott of South Africa? Of course not. The same applies here. At the heart of Israeli policies is a racist effort to destroy the people of Palestine. I wish it were not so, but it is. I am not sure I agree with Mr. Ryan, but I have no doubt that he harbors no anti-Semitic feelings and to suggest that he is motivated by intolerance is, in itself, based in a policy of intolerance against people who are willing to oppose Israeli policy. 

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