Monday, July 6, 2009

Liberals advocating military coups!

For all of you who think the Liberals are moderates here is a link of a prominent Liberal blogger illegally advocating a military coup against elected official and ranting in an anti-labour mode. 

I guess for some Liberals  democracy, moderation and workers rights are fine until they don't like the results. 

Unfortunately far too many Liberals, just like the Tories, are anti-union, anti-democratic, and will be glad to advocate these kinds of fascist tactics. If a Tory blogger had advocated this coup Liberals would have been glad to make it an issue in the media but if Liberals say something like this it seems to be happily ignored. 


Scott Tribe said...

Hmm.. 1 blogger who happens to identify with Liberals posts something you don't like, and suddenly the entire Liberal Party think the same way?

C'mon Kirby.. I expect better then that from you.

Arthur Kong said...

Kirby, thank you for your opinions. I apologize if my Honduras comparison offended you personally, but I was merely just making a satirical comment. I am sure many readers could see the sarcasm in my comment.

And to my defence, when did being anti-organized labour make me any less of a moderate? There are many blue Liberals who have a distaste for unions. What makes the Liberal party appeal to so many individuals is the diversity of political opinion and the big tent nature.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions. Thank you for expressing yours and starting discussion.

Anonymous said...

Not much of a big tent when when the blue side collapses the tent onto the others.