Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Harper and the Election Law. . . .

Anyone who doesn’t think that the Prime Minister selfishly broke his own law by calling the election last year must be far too partisan to have any sense of reality. The law passed by the Conservatives was quite clear and he broke the law in a crass partisan effort to benefit from circumstance, the very thing that the law was supposed to circumvent. But this is just typical Harper attitude, he cares little for the law or even for respectable fair-play. Rather, he cares about power and how to get it. The truth of the matter is that the court should not only resolve that the election was illegal but that the results should be overturned and a new election held with Harper being disqualified from running or holding a seat. This is exactly what Canadians would demand if the same thing had happened in a foreign country and we should demand no less from our own laws and constitution! 

However, don’t look for the Court to recognize the serious breach of law that has occurred here. Few people within the establishment have the courage to call members of parliament to the same standards to which the rest of us are held. And they don’t want to be responsible for the messy clean-up that would have to take place when thousands of Canadians sue Harper and the Conservative party, holding them to financial account for what was an illegal election. And given that we usually can’t get our Courts to hold our own government officials to account, is it any wonder that governments in countries like Iran or Sudan can get away with almost anything?  

If I am wrong, by the way, about what the court will decide, I will happily eat crow. 


Ian said...

The Con defence could easily involve having the courts throw the law out since it's not required by our Constitution (written or unwritten). It's as effective as BC/AB's no-deficit laws that have recently gained loopholes to allow for the giant steam-train deficits both provinces have created.

kirbycairo said...

I'm not a lawyer but are not many of our laws not 'required' by the constitution. Didn't the BC Liberals actually rescind the no-deficit law?

Anyway it will certainly be an event rich in irony to see the Conservatives ask a court to throw out its own law. I don't understand why Canadians are not up in arms about this.

Take care Ian and thanks for the comments