Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Liberal sinking fortunes and the status quo. . . .

I keep wondering why the Liberals are sinking in fortunes while the Cons are rising. It obviously is not the fact that the Harper government is competent. I know that the majority of Canadians are not paying attention to the quiet ways that the Government is slowly taking apart this country and dismantling democracy. I also know, and even the polls and last election confirm this, that a vast majority of Canadians are closer politically to the Liberals than to the Conservatives. But when it comes down to it the Liberals simply are failing to do anything political. In order to come back from the political wilderness I believe that all the Liberals have to do is produce a significant policy shift which aims at reinventing the party and reinventing politics in general in this country. Included in this new policy approach would be a real decentralization of the power of the PMO, new measures to ensure access to information, a compulsory weekly free press conference with the Prime Minister with no pre-determined questions, a significant shift away from fossil fuel dependence and investment into new technologies (with private/public partnerships if necessary), a genuine commitment to electoral reform (something the Cons in particular are scared of). Overall, the Liberal party needs to commit to real changes in policy and approach. This would bring the Liberal Party back into the forefront of Canadian politics. Now I am no Liberal but I think any simple analysis of the political situation in this country makes this pretty obvious. Only the Liberals wont follow the obvious path because the powerful in the party have become beholden in recent years to many of the same forces that the Cons are beholden to. They are, in other words too much part of the political establishment to actually want to change things and that will be there very undoing.  


Ian said...

The Liberals will likely never support electoral reform - our current system benefits them too much (or at least it would if they bumped up a little in the polls). Further, after yet another ER referendum loss in BC, I doubt any major political party will push for reform for a few years (sadly).

As for 3Ps, I think they're a terrible idea - basically a good way to shovel public tax dollars into corporate executive bank accounts (while leaving half-assed projects across the country), but I could see the Liberals strongly supporting such a policy (with a great many of their supporters being corporate executives).

It is amazing though how determined the Liberals seem to be to destroy their party.

kirbycairo said...

I agree Ian, P3s are a terrible idea in general, I was just hypothesizing about how a Liberal might see the rejuvenation of their party it they had the courage to actually do anything. I think the one area where they might try such an endeavor would be in the development of say a canadian made electric car etc. It would fit in with their ideology but still move them forward. (No pun intended)