Sunday, April 11, 2010

To Hell with Politics. . . .

I have blogged very little since my father died a few weeks ago. This is partly because I have just been too depressed. But it is partly because politics just seems increasingly stupid to me nowadays. My father spent years thinking about politics on a personal level and in the normal sense of the word. And now it all seems like just a giant waste of time. Almost every politician is just a nauseating A-type egomaniac who cares little for the actual issues they claim to be passionate about, or they retain their passion only because in the long run they hope to benefit personally from their cause. Meanwhile the people that follow the politicians are little more than blinkered, hyper-partisan, poorly informed, ignoramuses. Yes, I know it sounds cynical but it just doesn't seem worth bothering with politics in a time and place where a man (and I use that term loosely) like Harper can get elected twice and still, in the face of the most incompetent and blatantly self-interested regime in Canadian history, have a fair degree of popularity. I suppose that many Germans felt this way in 1934 when the people of Germany brought a man like Hitler to power through the ballot box.

It is no wonder that so many young people just don't bother with electoral politics. Yes, I know that this is exactly how Harper and is corrupt gang of bullies want us to feel. They want as many people as possible alienated from the political process because that will help them stay in power. Well, I will still exercise my so-called democratic right and I will cast a ballot in the next election. But I am giving up on politics once and for all. If nearly forty percent of Canadians still think Harper's regime is not too bad, there is something so desperately wrong with our society that it is just not worth saving. (And this doesn't even touch upon places like the US which are significantly worse that Canada)

And keep in mind this is not only true of the Right-wing. In the past twenty years I have been exposed to people who have been active left-wingers who are, at a personal level, little better than pond-scum. There are many people in the world actively working for what is right and just. But it is the power hungry scum-bags that gain the power and constantly override all the good that the rest try to do.

Let me make it clear, Harper and his gang are corrupt, self-interested, anti-democratic, ignorant, racist, sexist, fascist, trash. But until the people of Canada wake up from this nightmare, I am finished with the lot of them. A few weeks ago I watched the last breath go out of my father's body. I am not going to waste one more of my own breaths worrying about people who can't even worry about themselves. People like Harper and his supporters will drag us slowly back to the primordial ooze from whence we came. Maybe we just don't deserve any better. See you all in Hell.


ck said...

I'm sorry for your loss.

And I understand your frustration regarding the state of politics today and I share your pain everyday, and wonder why I continue blogging.

I'm sure many of our fellow progressive bloggers wonder why they continue and go through that rough time of why bother type of thing, but I think most continue anyway these days, because of the ills of society that Harpercons continue to inflict.

I sometimes wish I could take your attitude of 'to hell with society' type of thing, but I can't, because if I stopped caring and others stopped caring, well, Brother Steve gets that totalitarian regime he so desires...well, is that a possibility you really want to consider. Think of this in more selfish terms. We stop caring for society; we stop caring about what happens to us and our loved ones, as well, as we're a part of society, for better or worse.

These days, many seem to more and more brainwashed by corporate media. That is one of the reasons I started blogging about politics. I imagine that's why so many of us did. Many others blog simply to have their own opinions heard and to begin serious debate; the kind you just don't find in corporate media.

Anyway, I wish you luck and again, I'm sorry for your loss and I do sincerely hope that perhaps when you're grieving a little bit less, you will continue to fight the good fight as I am sure that is probably what your father would want you to carry on doing.

doconnor said...

Sounds like it is time for you to read The Authoritarians. It will help you understand those who support Harper and with understanding you may be able to let go of your bitterness.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry about your father. I was just thinking today, what would it be like when I no longer have a mother or father breathing our air, dad's gone, mom is 83. It hurts like hell. Then I found out a young lady who I've known since birth is now preggers and I rejoice. Truly happy for that.

Regarding the politics, awful, but I agree with you. Sometimes I think that the Opposition is so dismal because they are in league with the political class (as Iggy calls it). I have no reason whatsoever, to think otherwise. Why? What? do they know we don't?

Sad huh? Spoil the ballot/not show up/it's a crap shoot/yet I no longer give a shit. Let the chips fall where they may, because until Canadians WAKE UP, I'm not going to waste my time.

I'm already grieving. For what? I don't know, but I know it's too late for me to do anything about.

Light a candle for you, your dad, our country, our kids futures, everything! Sheesh, maybe we need to re-learn how to make candles, so we can have Light. It's spring, let's let the Light shine in and make the best choices/decision we can. Hugs.

Dave said...

Kirbycairo, I am truly sorry for your loss. I know the pain and the feeling of helpless anguish.

I know you need time to reflect and find that place where your feet feel comfortable and safe.

Hopefully, you will continue to write. It doesn't have to be about politics. Write what makes you feel good. Share it.

And, just so you're aware, this post was one of the finest and well-aimed I can recall reading. Both barrels, empty, smoking and effective. No need to reload for a while. You got 'em.

Take good care and find the good things in life. You're always with us.

Polly Jones said...

This blog entry really resonates with me. It has been a difficult year for me and for my family.

Among the hurdles, I've battled with a tough illness. I find politics eroding my spirit instead of providing a community and atmosphere that might comfort and nurture me.

I have had the exact same thought: why should I fight for these people if they care so little?

Recently, I've also encountered really careless and petty people on the left. I feel so angry some days that I just want to tell some people to screw themselves.

I'm not ready to write off politics for good, but I have actively been questioning how I will continue to approach my participation.

I think there are times in life when one basically feels like to hell with everything...

Saskboy said...

Sorry to hear of your recent life trouble. Depressing times can make for the best creative writing, as you've no doubt spent a lot of time thinking lately. Take care.