Thursday, August 19, 2010

The frustrating Hypocrisy goes on . . . . . .

As I have said on a number of occasions, it is blind partisanship in politics that I find most objectionable. When you find people vociferously defending their party for some political move that they would just as vehemently condemn if taken by an opposing party, then you know that politics has become more or less useless. And I think this is the most important reason that so many people are alienated from politics today, rather than corruption.

Yesterday the government orchestrated another obvious effort at political interference when their wiping boy at the RCMP, Bill Elliot, removed the director of the Firearms Program, M.J. Cheliak, from his job on the eve of a police conference where he was set to present a significant report supporting the Long-gun Registry. Many, even some who are usually fairly sympathetic to the present government, have condemned this move as obvious and dangerous political interference. Check out Don Martin's article.

But after you read Martin's article, read the comments left on the sight. These people condemn Martin as a Liberal stooge (a remarkable accusation if you have read his work carefully over the years) and some of them actually admit the political interference and say it is a good thing because Harper is sticking to the Liberals. Others try to spin it as coincidence etc. But almost all of the comments are, in one form or another, a defense of the government's moves on this and similar cases of interference. But you can be absolutely certain that almost everyone of these conservative defenders would be the first condemn another party for the very same things. It is so frustrating to see people who are so blind to their own hate and anger that they can't even be politically honest enough to find some consistency. But so it goes.

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