Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Corporate Agenda rolls merrily on . . . . .

I am amazed that generation after generation of saps buy into the right-wing ideology of theft and abuse. They actually believe what the right-winger tell them while getting their pockets picked for almost nothing in return. War is the most spectacular example of this ideology in action. War is about, and has always been about, money, getting it away from average people into the hands of the rich and powerful.

The war in Iraq is one such war. The whole ordeal was about taking billions from average Americans and putting it in the pockets of huge corporations like Haliburton where it eventually found its way into the hands of rich executives who make million bonuses on top of multi-million dollar salaries. And if you still think it was about democracy then just look at the fact that not only have rich Americans made billions but the ruling class of Iraq also benefits in kind. The legislative house in Iraq has not even sat as a body in two years and hasn’t passed a single piece of legislation, all the while many of the legislators are earning over twenty thousand a month.

The US health care system is another such example. Foolish Tea Party Americans carry signs of Obama as disguised as Hitler and rail against communist conspiracies all the while knowing almost nothing about the actual health-care system. Instead of real knowledge they listen to Fox News hacks who make up information as they go along. And many Americans actually think these Fox News bozos are average folks like themselves who are just interested in ‘protecting their freedoms.’ Poor fools. The people from Fox news are not like them. They are wealthy servants of a multi-national corporation who vacation in the Bahamas and drive hundred thousand dollar luxury cars, all the while fabricating false information for a gullible American public who will believe almost anything they say. And one of their main fictions is to tell Americans that the health-care reforms are socialist plot that will involve mass-executions of elderly people. But all they are really interested in is protecting other multi-national corporations like Pfizer and Kaiser who would stop at nothing to continue to make billions of dollars while millions have no health-care at all. So Fox News keeps telling Americans that any reforms are unnecessary unless it is a reform to ‘open’ the market even more so that their friends can make even more money.

And people keep buying it over an over. They sell them war by wrapping themselves in the flag and creating some spin about altruism. But it is money they are after. But people buy it and send their sons and daughters to defend Wall Street and continue to shift money from average people into the pockets of the rich. And they sell them the rest of the corporate agenda with talk of freedom and market forces while shifting billions into the hands of oil companies etc. So people become willing participants in their own large-scale defrauding. Canadians are no different. Remember when Reform Party Yahoos went to Ottawa with talk of not taking the pensions and having free votes in the House? Conservatives listened to Harper’s spin and now they have the most centralized and centralizing government in Canadian history that is nothing but a secretive cabal who are also busy diverting money from average Canadians to multi-national corporations. And many Canadians wave the flag in their own exploitation.

So in the US, with talk of a grass-roots take back of their government, the fools have elected dozens of right-wing ideologues who are actually funded by wealthy corporatists who really want nothing to do with average people taking back anything. And the Tea Party hacks will further the Corporate agenda with billions in grants and Tax breaks to big corporations and the ramping up of weapons spending, taking money out of the pockets of the very people they were supposed to represent and putting it in the hands of those they pretended they opposed. The Gap between rich and poor will get ever wider, more people will go without health-care, the average people will suffer while a group of them let government further into the nation’s bedrooms and talk about freedom because they can own as many guns as they want. And all they while the executives at Haliburton and General Dynamics will be laughing all the way to the bank.

The corporate agenda rolls merrily on and Dick Cheney fiddles while the people burn. . . . 

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