Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hockey Players, Politicians, and arbitrary standards. . . . .

Does anyone find this strangely amusing as I do.

One of the most Popular Canadians continues to be this guy who, as people tell me used to play hockey or something. (I don't follow sports)

Some former Hockey Player

As I understand it this former hockey player holds an US passport, lives and works in the US, has American Children and an American wife. Bully for him, I guess. I care about his nationality as much as I care about his hockey playing. That is to say, not a whit.

Now as I understand it the man below also holds a US passport. He, however, presently lives and works in Canada. (I have heard a rumor that he is some big federal politician but I have yet to confirm these rumours)

Some politician (allegedly)
The amusing part comes when I found out that the former hockey player (who apparently was quite good at the game) was given the honour (if honour it is) of being the general manager of the Canadian Olympic hockey team some years back, and continues to be involved in that group that Canadians find so important. Big deal I guess. But then I was reading some conservative blog posts and they were telling me that this politician guy shouldn't be a political leader because he used to live in the US. 

Now from what I can understand from the guy below, Conservatives like this whole Hockey thing. (Maybe that's because they seem to hit each other an inordinate amount). 

Former Hockey guy (or Mobster,
can't tell which)

So what lessons can we draw here. Apparently, Conservatives like, even worship, hockey players that have, or currently do, live and work in US. But vilify politicians that currently live in the Canada but have lived in the US. 

Apparently if political parties joined the NHL then Rush Limbaugh could be our Prime Minister. (Oops I just gave several Conservatives an orgasm!) 

All this leaves us with one question: what about this lady? 

Conservative Politician 

As I understand it this lady used to by my MP and is currently your Minister of State for Seniors. But she was born in Illinois! Leaving us with this question; do conservatives maintain a double standard or does this woman play for the NHL?

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