Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A few Quick thoughts on the Liberal Predicament. . . . .

I have read a lot of bloggers, journalists, and radio call-in Liberals for a few days now. They have all sorts of reasons for the Liberal defeat and ideas about building it back to an important political party.

Let me pare it down to the simplest formula that I think really applies. NEW IDEAS! That is all that matters. For the past seven years or so the Liberals have simply not created a new set of policies that embraces real political reform, real transparency, real social democratic ideas, etc. They have been satisfied with little ideas like a few buck for students here, and a few dollars for homecare there. While many of them have been ok ideas, the Liberal Party simply needs BIG new ideas that will capture the imaginations of people.

If the Liberal Party really wants to rebuild, it needs to do rebuild not the party the ideas of the party. I really think that is what it is about. But if they try to simply get a new leader and run on the same old tired ideas, it really won't get them anywhere. The truth is that the Harper Conservatives have never "won" power. The other parties have 'lost.' The reason that this is clear is that the Conservative Party of Canada has NO new ideas, not-a-one. All their ideas are old ones from the Reagan era. A Party with new ideas that really look to the future will beat the Cons easily.

My message to Liberals, don't rest on your past. Be bold. Be radical. Invent a new politics and new ways for people to think about politics  - that is what will win.

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