Monday, September 26, 2011

On Lawlessness. . . .

So the NDP wants the RCMP to investigate Tony Clement for his obvious influence peddling on the G20 file.

And while they are wishing for that why don't they wish for us all to live in a land where everyone is fairies and elves and it rains candy all the time?

Here is the reality, and anyone who dosen't see it is blindly partisan - we live in a country in which the government is lawless - in the sense that it only obeys those laws it sees fit to obey and it has taken complete control of our national police force the same way that third-world dictatorships control their national police. We would NEVER see a RCMP indictment of a Conservative Government official unless the government, for some reason, wanted it to happen. We could have irrefutable proof of John Baird murdering someone with thousands of witnesses and if Harper didn't want him prosecuted he would walk.
The only entertainment is the rich narrative irony of an entirely lawless government instituting a "tough on crime agenda." Wow, that's rich.

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janfromthebruce said...

yeah, so let's not even try because it's just futile - so back to sleep everyone - egads that is so not on with "resistance is futile".