Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Book finally Published. . . . .

Well, it was a long wait, but my book is finally out. I wrote two complete books and and about halfway through a third since the publishing process began for this book. The editor of the publisher, Cape Breton University Press, quoted Stuart Mclean and said to me "while we may not be fast, we're slow." But it is finally done and it feels good to have it done. It was a bitter-sweet moment to see it in print because, though the whole project began with a bet with my father, he didn't live to see the published book. I suppose that evoke a fitting feeling of melancholy for someone who is writing about Charles Lamb - one of the great melancholics of English Literature.

For those who don't know, the book is entitled Humble Men in Company: The Unlikely Friendship between Charles Lamb and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. It is published by Cape Breton University Press but it can also be ordered at Nimbus Publishing and at

It was a great experience writing a book about Charles Lamb, a man who Thackeray referred to as St. Charles for his charm, wit, humor, and sense of wonder.

Cairo with my book.

"Lawyers were, I suppose, children once." 
                                          - Charles Lamb


Owen Gray said...

Congratulations, Kirby. I have never published a book -- but I imagine it must be like giving birth.

I've watched my wife do that three times. There is a reason why they call it "labour."

Omar said...

Congratulations! I will suggest your book for purchase at my local library. Looks to be an interesting read. Cheers..

Beijing York said...

Congratulations kirby!

Sorry about the bittersweet aspect. I totally agree with Owen.

Anonymous said...

I came across your site when I was searching "Harper + mental illness". I have been avidly reading your posts and I must say you are a genius! You have put a lot of my thoughts these past months into words! love ya!