Monday, May 28, 2012

Strikes Help rather than Hurt. . . .

Just a quick blogpost to ask does anyone really buy the "this strike is hurting the economy" argument??

I find it amazing that even rightwingers aren't up in arms about the fact that the government, any government, can legislate workers of a private corporation back to work. By extension rightwingers should believe that the government should be able to set your hours of work, what clothes your wear to work, and how high your wages can be. It is clear to any economist worth his or her salt, for example, that a large wage gap hurts the economy. Yet I don't see the government telling bankers and CEOs that they can't make ridiculously high salaries.

The Harper Government is hurting the economy every day, why don't the legislate themselves out of work?

Question - Why is it that the central argument of all rightwing ideology seems to be the claim that governments don't know anything about the economy and they should just stay out of it, but the first thing they do about anything that they don't like is attempt to legislate a solution?

Answer - Because the rightwing believes in legislated economies just as much as anyone else - they just think the legislation should help big capital. History is our witness to this very basic fact and yet the lie of the so-called "free-marketeers" goes merrily along.

In the long run every strike that ever was helped the economy because it helped build the standard of living that the Harpercons are so eager to destroy.

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