Friday, August 3, 2012

Charest and Nixon, Friends Indeed. . . .

Here are some interesting parallels -

Jean Charest of Quebec is fighting an election in the midst of a major investigation into corruption, the results of which could easily drive him from office if he were to win re-election.

Richard Nixon fought the 1972 election amidst an investigation into a major corruption scandal (Watergate) which did indeed eventually drive him from office.

Jean Charest is fighting an election amidst a large public protest movement which he is attempting to parle into an election victory. 

Nixon also fought an election while a huge protest movement raged in the streets against the horror of the Vietnam War.

Jean Charest seems to have attached himself to the political slogan "The Silent Majority" to further marginalize the protesters and all who would vocally oppose his tyrannical neo-liberal agenda. 

The phrase "The Silent Majority" was, in fact popularized by none other than Richard Nixon. 

Nixon was little more than a heap of excrement. 

And Jean Charest? ....... Well you know that story. 

The only question left - will this be the Quebec voter?

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Owen Gray said...

Only time -- a short time -- will tell, Kirby.