Monday, September 10, 2012

Hypocrisy, Hypocrisy, Hypocrisy. . . etc. . . .

As though to punctuate the irony of breaking diplomatic ties with Iran, Harper signed a trade agreement with China a day later. When he was leader of the opposition Harper never tired of condemning the Liberals for their association with China and now he spends much of his time courting the Chinese government. Harper is truly the lap-dog of one of the world's most horrendous human rights offenders. And he licks at their teats as  lying bile vomits from his mouth onto his own people, while filthy bitumen spews from his ass onto China and into the air of everyone.

One of the primary reasons that Harper and his clones gave us for breaking ties with Iran was because of their terrible human rights record. In their latest report on China Amnesty International tells us that in China -

-"The authorities continued to harass, intimidate, persecute and criminalize pro-democracy and human rights activists. Activists supporting the China Democracy Party were sentenced to long prison terms.

-"The number of people subjected to enforced disappearances grew. Many were held in secret detention, including Hada, a Mongolian political activist. Many others remained or were placed under illegal house arrest.

-"China continued to use the death penalty extensively, including for non-violent crimes, and to impose it after unfair trials. Executions were estimated to number in the thousands.

-"The authorities pursued their goal of bringing all religious practice under state control.

The indictment goes on and on. Certainly in terms of the number of people affected, China is has the worst human rights record in the world. Yet Harper licks at the disgusting underbelly of the Chinese state in order to line the pockets of his oil buddies in Calgary. But Harper is not a man of principle. Rather he is a religious maniac, dispensationalist wacko who would do anything to please the Israeli government. Most of the charges that John Baird made of the Iranian State could effectively be levelled against many other Canadian allies, including, most importantly, Israel. Racist diatribes by government officials, active use of military means for political ends, oppression, expansionism, etc. And of course, most ironically, nuclear proliferation!

It is all hypocrisy. Disgusting, inhuman, abhorrent, odious hypocrisy. And it never ends.


Beijing York said...

We have been living with so much hypocrisy for the last decade that the whole China flip flop doesn't even register any angst with me. But, BUT this whole Iran move frightens the crap out of me. There is more to this than Harper's ego-maniacal posturing. Something as disgusting and criminal as the pre-emptive attack on Iraq is afoot. Makes me wonder if that's why a new head honcho was put at the head of the armed forces.

kirbycairo said...

Yes Beijing, the China flip-flop is indeed old news, I just thought the trade deal created particularly ironic timing. I think you are right though. There is no question in my mind that war is coming. And war with Iran could escalate into a global conflict. The new irony is that war will seal Harper's fate to go down in history as a terrible PM. It will ruin him just as Iraq would have ruined him if he had been PM back then.

kirbycairo said...
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Anonymous said...

Russia and Communist China are allies to Iran. They warned, it would be a mistake to attack Iran. Harper is selling Canada out to Communist China. Why would Harper risk, offending China, by attacking Iran?

Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini all thought they were invincible too. Harper is no different than they. Harper used every dirty tactic in the book, to win his election too. Harper has managed to lie and cheat his way, in and out of all his underhanded scams. He also controls the media, judges and judicial system, there are the RCMP, for his police state. Hitler made a law. No other political party was permitted in Germany. Harper is just as evil as all the rest of the dictators.

While other country's are booting Communist China off their territories, Harper invites them right in our own backyard.

It's impossible to rationalize people such as, Stalin, Hitler, Mussolini or Harper...because, they are not rational.

Owen Gray said...

Inconsistency has never bothered Mr. Harper, Kirby. And, apparently, it doesn't bother his supporters.

But, if Iran blows up in his face, it will blow up in all of our faces.