Sunday, October 14, 2012

Our Political Legitimation of Bullying. . . . .

In the wake of the tragedy of the suicide of Amanda Todd, bloggers are understandably talking a lot about the question of bullying. What do we do? How do we put a stop to it, or at the very least prevent it from becoming so desperate that young people (and adults) take their own lives to escape the physical and emotional pain that bullying brings?

Bloggers are talking a lot about punishing the perpetrators through the law or, in the case of young offenders, through a process of public shaming.

But it seems to be that such approaches will, in the final analysis, do little to really address the problem of bullying. We live in a culture of violence and bigotry. Our Prime Minister and his underlings have made bullying their fundamental mode of operation, and they have spent millions trying to transform Canada back into a nation of war. Stephen Harper and his cronies continually use name-calling, lying, marginalization, and aggressive public bullying in an attempt to deride their political opponents and bring them down in the eyes of the public. How many times did a Conservative stand up in the House and refer to Jack Layton as "Talaban Jack" because he had the gall to question the Conservative policy in Afghanistan? How many times did the Conservatives belittle Dion with name-calling and bird-poop? How many whistle-blowers have the Conservatives derided with personal attacks to belittle them and draw people's attention away from their own short-comings. Never concerned with the actual issues of their opponents, instead the Conservatives marginalize and attack in an attempt to pray upon perceived weaknesses that have nothing to do with the actual politics at hand.

In other words, far from reducing bullying in Canada, Stephen Harper and his government have raised bullying to the status of nationally sanctioned behaviour. And this mode of behaviour is championed by Conservative supporters all over this country. It is legitimized in the eyes of many parents and made honorable through the process.

Putting an end to bullying will be a long and complex problem. But we cannot even begin the process until nasty, mean, lying, violence-promoters like Stephen Harper and his henchmen are publicly disgraced because people reject their bigoted evil ways. The way to struggle against such bullying is when the mass of people stand up against their violent words and actions. Until then, the bullies of young women like Amanda Todd will continue to see in their political leaders that bullying is the favoured behaviour.

Sorry Amanda, and rest in peace.


janfromthebruce said...

In fact one could actually suggest that this was more than bullying but sexual harassment/assault.

kirbycairo said...

That's a good point Jan, and one that not many have raised.

Michael said...

Harper and his cronies are only one manifestation of a "culture of bullying" that is everywhere these days -- at local, national and international levels. Such a mentality is surely one of the greatest dangers accompanying the kind of precarious, uncertain and troubled times we live in, because it is so useful to extremists. That our politicians play into it is inexcusable, given the inevitable consequences.

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree. Harper is a bully in his own right. Country's detest his bullying and his hissy fits when, he doesn't get his own way. That is the mannerisms of the dictators, all through the years.

Canada has become, a disgraceful corrupt country, governed by a tyrant. That seems to be the norm in Canada these days. The more willing a politician is, to do dirty work, the better their rewards.

We have empty army barraks. We have young Canadian veterans. Set up boot camps for bullies. Those hoodlums think, it's a great lot of fun hurting others. Let them see how much fun, bullies boot camp is. This is a crime against humanity, those hoodlum kids are doing to others. I say boot camp for bullies, and a damned good Sargent Major.

meadowlark said...

Canada has become a very corrupt, barbaric country. Canadians made barbaric comments about, a mother in prison. She went into labor, and a breach baby at that. She needed units of blood. She damned near bled to death. She was a prisoner, so she and her baby deserved what they got. Her Human Rights were no different than, in Afghanistan, the Congo or Red China.

Harper and his henchmen are, little juvenile name callers. The only way they know to win is, lies, deceit, corruption, thefts, dirty tactics, dirty politics, threats and cheating to win. They sure in the hell can't win by merit.

Nor did, Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini, ever win honestly, or by merit. They too won by cheating and threats. Harper and his ranting raving henchmen, are very little different.

Since Harper's so called majority, Canada is in the sewer. Never have we ever had, a P.M. as vile as Harper. He is a total disgrace and, an embarrassment to decent Canadians.

Harper and his henchmen, have no morals nor ethics, what-so-ever. We obviously can't have Harper taking any part, to correct bullying in this country. He of course, wouldn't know how, when he can't stop his own bullying of others.

I think, police, teachers and parents, will have to work together. However, there is the bullying of male RCMP officers, towards the female officers. That too is a disgrace. Bullying has become a criminal offense.

More and more Canadians, become more disgusted with Harper everyday. No longer is Canada, a good and decent country. Poor little Amanda. No-one helped her, and she died. How evil is that?

Anonymous said...

"public shaming", "bootcamp"

these "solutions" to bullying seem a lot like...bullying.

Am I right?

kirbycairo said...

That's what I think Anonymous.