Monday, December 10, 2012

The Harper Revelation. . . .

Events in Canada are looking more and more like a Biblical Revelation with Harper representing a silver-haired beast who aligns himself with the great red dragon of the East. The Silver-hair beast has his minons wrench the fire liquid from the great northern landscape until it is made into a wasteland of black death and the fire liquid is then spewed forth into the east where it feeds the dragon which imprisons a billion people beneath its claws. This stuff writes itself.

Because, let's face it, Harper's political descent narrative is surely of biblical proportions. This silver-haired beast came from the West vowing to bring honesty to the halls of power but once ensconced in power became a bizarrely secretive dictator who not only seeks to manage information but to put an end to it altogether. He once portrayed himself as a champion of human rights and spoke out vociforously against the terrible Eastern Dragon and its terrible unGodly behaviour. Gradually he has warmed up to the Dragon and finally offers up a significant portion of his own nation to appease the Dragon's thirst for fire. Apparently it is easy to overlook the tearing talons of the dragon-beast as it kills its victims or imprisons them in factories. The silver-haired beast has indeed become everything he claimed to despise - a kind of anti-Christ Conservative whose follows seem more than comfortable supporting policies they once would have claimed represented the very essence of evil.

Of course, if we continue to follow a Biblical narrative, none of this can end well - you know, fire in the sky, giant locusts with human heads and lion's teeth, etc etc. . .

Who will rid us of this turbulent priest?


Owen Gray said...

Surely no one in the modern Conservative Party, Kirby.

Anonymous said...

Just try and get Canadians to listen. Good luck with that one.

CSIS warned, Communist China has made huge inroads into Canada. BC was specifically mentioned, Harper's favorite henchman Gordon Campbell, sold BC out to Red China long ago. Campbell had China send their people to school, to learn 100 English words, so they could take BC mining jobs. Want a job in BC mines? You had better to be able, to speak Chinese Mandarin, to get a job, in an English speaking province.

Want any resource job in Canada? Good luck with that too. Chinese resource workers, earn up to $17.00 per hour less than Canadian resource workers do.

Hopefully everyone can live on Chinese wages? Canada has the highest cost of living, in all of the America's.

Any province with an iota of sense, would get the hell out of Harper's Canada. Oh no, that would never do. We must keep Harper's Canada intact, so we can all be sold out to Red China, in one huge, big wealthy package.