Monday, February 4, 2013

The Right has Lost the Debate . . . And Soon They Will Lose the Battle . . .

Though the right is, in many places, still riding high in the actual political struggle, if we talk about it honestly the right has, in fact, already lost the political debate at almost every level.

At the social level, the right has consistently, albeit gradually, lost throughout history. But in the resurgence of the right since the eighties when they began their concerted efforts to push back many of the 20th century gains, it is now clear that they have lost that skirmish. From Gay rights to abortion rights, from pay equity to feminism, the right has been lossing ground and support everywhere. Though the right has, in many cases, been able to attack certain institutions that aid in socially progressive issues, the right knows that they have lost the actual debate and that most people support such things as gay marriage, abortion rights, and women's rights in general.

At the environmental level, the right has again, maintained the a great deal of power, but they have clearly lost the debate. No credible person doubts the reality of global warning and even if there is still some degree of debate about the cause, we all know that we need to stop pouring crap into the air and find alternatives to carbon fuels. Even the once great bastions of rightwing ideology, the World Bank and the IMF, have, to a degree, come on side with the demands of the environmental movement.

At an economic level, the rightwing has lost the debate in quite spectacular fashion. The theory that Ronald Reagan once had the gall to call "trickle-down economics," has proved disastrous. Low taxes for the rich and for corporations has not created wealth for anyone but the rich and everyone now knows that it has created economic inequities. Not only does the 'neo-liberal' approach lead to considerably less relative prosperity for the vast majority, it actually destroys the very economies that it is supposed to help. A growing cohort of economics have now abandoned the 'neo-liberal' economic theory and are asserting more reasonable theories as if people mattered.

Now, I can hear you thinking "if the rightwing has lost the debate on all of these issues, why does it seem that they are winning so much?" Well, the sad truth is that those who win the debate don't necessarily consistently win the political struggle, and the rightwing has two significant advantages, to wit: ownership of the media, and a creeping control of the judiciary that has come from many years of growing corporate power. The rightwing lies about almost everything and they can depend on their media lapdogs to repeat these lies in a ubiquitous fashion. So even where they have lost the debate among those who know and understand these things, many people look out and see another reality being presented to them constantly in the media and this cognitive dissonance is difficult for many to overcome. And when you couple this media power with the gall of men like Harper to actually muzzle the fact finding factions of government, the rightwing is maintain some degree of an upper-hand on a sad technicality.

Meanwhile, these technicalities are being mirrored in the judicial system where the right has appointed a huge cohort of supporters to the bench and where money all too often buys victories. So a chronic criminal like Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto can keep winning on technicalities and avoid ouster and stay out of jail (where he really should be). The rightwing trolls even play the Reagan card regarding Mayor Ford and begins to blame the "left" for his trouble. These fools shout out such things as 'Witch Hunt" as though the Mayors constant criminal activity is not to blame but rather those who hope to bring him to justice are somehow at fault.

And because our political system is so badly antiquated we can have a government that essentially operates outside of the spirit of the law (if not the letter) and can move blithly forward manipulating the system to its own advantage. When we update our political institutions men like Harper will be in jail where they belong.

So the rightwing has lost the debate at every level but maintains a degree of power with the help of corporate media and antiquated institutions. But losing the debate is the first step to losing the entire battle and lose they will. If history has taught us anything it is that those with money and power cannot hold back the tide of change and that we shall overcome.


Anonymous said...

The very first number one, a Dictator must control, is the media. They are Harper's propaganda machines. Goebbels was Hitler's propaganda machine. No bad press for Hitler was permitted by Goebbels. All dictators have their degenerates to do their dirty work for them.

Once Harper controlled the media, he went on to controlling everything, he got his dirty hands on. Courts, judges, Elections Canada, his Ministers, Scientists and, commanded his own degenerates. Gordon Campbell, Boessenkool, Bruce Carson all worked for Harper and did his dirty work. As we see? Any one honest and opposing Harper, soon loses their jobs.

Never in the recorded history of Canada, have we ever seen such blatant corruption, until Harper.

The Federal election is, fouled, dirtied, cheated and not even valid

Owen Gray said...

The right has lost the debate, Kirby, and the young know it. People my age haven't figured that out yet.

But our children have.

thwap said...

They also operate outside the letter of the law and that's where some goddamned accountability would come in handy.

harper must spend the rest of his life in prison if there's to be any justice.