Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Temporary Foreign Workers and the Semi-Slave economy. . . .

Jim Flaherty, that inconceivably incompetent buffoon who calls himself a 'finance minister,' keeps telling us that the Conservatives needed to expand the 'temporary foreign workers' program because there are 'labour shortages' and there are many jobs 'Canadians just wont do.' But of course this is another in a long line of Conservative lies. Notice that they never tell us what these jobs are, because there are no such jobs. And if there were it would be simply be because capitalists don't want to pay real wages. But when the optics get bad the talking heads of the Con-artist government shifts gears and tell us that this program is intended to bring in certain 'skilled labourers' which are not presently in our job market. Well they can't have it both ways. Either the program is intended to fill McJobs or it is intended to for skilled labour. Which is it Flaherty??

The answer is, of course, that it is neither. The real purpose of the 'temporary foreign workers' program is to push wages down by bringing in workers who have no rights, can be paid less than Canadian workers, and will be far too frightened to rock the boat. In other words, the purpose of the program is to further increase economic, social, and political inequality.

There are plenty of workers in Canada to fill the jobs that are available. And if wages in certain industries are too low, the solution is to raise the wages not to import semi-slave labour into our country.

It stretches the limits of credibility to listen to the CON-artist government express indignation at the Royal Bank controversy, when in fact that is exactly what the Con-artists expanded the program to achieve. Let's say it in as simple a way as possible - Flaherty and Harper want foreign temporary workers to take your jobs! This means fewer unions, lower wages, fewer workers rights and more profits for capitalists.

Of course, like most capitalists, Flaherty, Harper, and their ilk are tragically short-sighted because the longterm impact of such an effort is a bankrupt economy and a rise in socialist belief and activism. But then no one in their right mind ever accused these guys of genuine socio-economic understanding.


Anonymous said...

I believe? Harper has totally lost control of Canada.

What sort of a P.M. gives permission for a Communist country, the right to sue any Canadians, blocking Communist China's invasion into Canada.

Not even another Communist country, would be stupid enough, to give themselves to Communist China.

What kind of P.M. hands their resources and resource jobs, to a Communist country?

What sort of a fool permits Canadians to be fired, so they can be replaced by, Cheap East Indians?

What sort of fool, would give the wealthiest outfits in the world, ANOTHER $60 billion in tax reductions.

On another web site, an East Indian posted. Canadians are lazy, they are not good workers. That's why we are taking the jobs. There are thousand of us coming, who will take all your jobs. Needless to say, the board erupted into rage. There is so much anger at, the East Indians and fury at the Chinese? I am very afraid, there will be riots and violence.

I took my funds out of my own Bank. It only stands to reason all Banks, will be saturated with East Indians.

doconnor said...

Please stop insulting Communists by calling China communist. They are just plain old authoritarian.

Troy Thomas said...

The liberal and conservative double headed monster has really done us over.
Mulroney implemented NAFTA, and Chretien entrenched it, and now with Mulcair as the NDP leader there's absolutely no more opposition to be found in parliament against such undemocratic trade agreements.
Canada now can not protect itself from economic harm that can and will be inflicted against it from foreign powers such the USA and China, whether unintentional or not.
We're done for, economically speaking, like a fried egg (well, at least Canada is (being First Nations, I've been done over my whole life, so life won't change much for me)). Watch as China increases emigration here, twofold and threefold in the next few years, now, while they continue to gobble up our resource sectors.
They've got an over population problem, a food shortage problem, and Canada has an excess of both land and food, and a lack of strategy for the next twenty years in regards to our economy and resources. We're easy pickings.
And once they're done here, they're gone, and we're stuck with a whole lot of people China (and India) won't want back.

Lorne said...

Sadly, ideology in the world of the extreme right trumps the needs of the people. Witness, for example, the constant refrain from young Tim Hudak, the would-be Conservative premier of Ontario, who peddles the same old neo-con refrain of lower corporate taxes, work-place democracy (i.e. union-busting), etc. etc. as the key to economic renewal:

I refuse to believe that even a man of such obvious limitations as Hudak actually has faith in the snake oil he is peddling.

kirbycairo said...

I am not sure one way or the other Lorne, sometimes I think Hudak is really that stupid and other times I think he is a willful stooge of the corporate masters.

Sometimes I believe in that old maxim - never attribute an action to malice that can be adequately attributed to stupidity.

But then I think surely Hudak and his Harper-like Cabal can't be that thick. I guess it doesn't really matter if it is stupidity or malice, the results are pretty much the same - a third-world style economy of dwindling prosperity and increasing inequality.