Sunday, February 23, 2014

Harper's war of attrition. . . .

I haven't blogged much lately because politics has become increasingly frustrating and difficult. Furthermore, there are people blogging with similar opinions to my own who can be more effective in inciting emotions or gathering useful political information. And as far as blogging on art and literature, I have been too busy with my own work to expend the intellectual energy necessary to write interesting material in this regard.

I appreciate bloggers like Montreal Simon who can continue to write biting and insightful material even in the face of our horrific government.

Speaking about it rationally is fairly simple. Good governance requires certain basic elements - commitment to the fundamental principles of democracy, the desire to foster dialogue, a basic commitment to an effective civil-service and the good programs that they need to deliver, a commitment to giving a voice to the voiceless and providing care and protection for society's most vulnerable, a strong commitment to the constitution, a respect for fairness and the democratic traditions of the House of Commons, a respect for the judicial arm of government and the necessary roll it plays, and a commitment to protecting the environment for future generations. Our government has no commitment to any of these. In fact, it actively undermines all of them. There is not a single element of good governance to which this government is committed.

At a rational level it is as simple as that.

But as with most forces of evil, there is something more at stake here - a gestalt of the Harper regime. With the introduction of the so-called "fair-elections act," it is clear that this government is not simply a bad government but a treasonous one. This act is nothing less than an effort to enshrine into law the ability to engage in electoral fraud and is in my mind a basic act of treason because it is an effort to actually undermine the principles of the constitution.

Such a treasonous act undertaken by the government itself is something that requires more than rarefied political discourse. People have to be woken up to the dangers of an encroaching fascism, to a government that is attempting to gradually replace our democratic system with an autocracy in which any democratic processes have been rendered exercises in futility, and where, by extension, the government serves a narrow corporate interest and a small percentage of wealthy patrons.

It is difficult to live in a society which is inching gradually toward autocracy as many of the citizens seem to blithely ignore the coming danger. There is a certain nonchalant attitude taken by many to the dangerous and insidious actions of a government that is falling into fascism. They have trouble believing that it "can happen here" or that our traditions can be subverted and perverted by a bunch of men dressed in suits. But not every coup is a violent one and sometimes what is best in a society is lost in a quite war of attrition.


Owen Gray said...

The most successful coups, Kirby, are the quiet ones.

Rural said...

As with many of us who write about the decline of out democracy I have difficulty getting past my anger to write rationally. Your last three paragraphs sum up the situation accurately and concisely, well done and keep on blogging, every little helps

Simon said...

hi Kirby...thanks for your kind words, but if you don't mind I'd like to return the compliment by saying that I honestly believe that every one of your posts is worth at least five of mine. For while I have dedicated myself to trying to cheer up progressives in this dark time, your posts more accurately reflect how so many of those progressives feel. And everything you say is true. This is a treasonous government and there is something very disturbing about the way so many Canadians have come to accept what this criminal regime does as the new normal. When of course it is the death of everything good about his country.
And what you say needs to be said. However, I like to think we're a good combination. You will tell them how horrible it is and that it's OK to feel that way. And I will tell them that I see a faint light on the horizon, and we shall get there together. Keep on blogging forever my brother and never give up...

gingersnap said...

Ex BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell was Harper's favorite henchman and still is.

Fadden of CSIS warned of China's huge intrusions into Canada. BC was specifically mentioned because, Campbell had already given much of BC to China. As hard as BC people warned, Campbell and Harper were snakes in the grass, no-one would listen. Christy Clark is merely a mouthpiece for Harper.

Harper is a fascist dictator from way back. The Canadian Nazis donated to Harper's Alliance in 2002. Harper was Policy Chief for his, Northern Foundation of 1989.

We have no idea of, how much of Canada Harper has signed away, to a foreign country.

the salamander said...

.. that's an exceptional.. but discouraging - from the heart analysis.. or perspective .. of this country.. and the government it is blighted by ..

Its a shameful, shockingly accurate picture you paint.. When we needed an exemplar.. we got a narcissist and all the pikers, thuggies and trolls that congregate around a leader of losers ..

In my view, this government must be dissolved prior to our next legal election..

Will get back to you, as I see the pathway to achieving that.. become clear..