Friday, August 8, 2014

The Moral Righteousness of the Harper Cabal. . . .

Understanding anyone's motivations is a notoriously complex matter. One must always deal with the question that sociologists would refer to as "dramaturgical sincerity." In other words, when someone talks about their actions, one can never be entirely sure to what degree the person is being honest about their motivations and to what degree they are simply "playing a role." This question becomes increasingly complex in the public sphere as people spin their actions for public consumption. Honesty and sincerity in politicians is a rare commodity and 'spin' is almost always a matter of course. However, if one is willing to be fairly non-partizan (another rare trait), much political spin is easy to see through. Much of the time one need merely ask the question cui bono to know what is really going on. But political spin becomes an even more murky business when the politicians in question live on the edge of significant mental disturbance. In recent North American history we need only to look back to the strange, sometime eerie, figure of Richard Nixon to see how bizarre and complex a mentally disturbed political leader can be. What drove a pathologically paranoid man like Nixon, for example, to undertake his remarkable diplomatic efforts in China, while at the same time, as we later found out, he was turning the White House into a nest of law-braking psychopaths who talked on tape about stringing people up with piano wire? These are deep waters that are by no means easy to plumb.

These questions bring us to our own paranoid PM and his little band of psychopaths, like John Baird and Jason Kenny. What really motives this groups of men in suits is often impossible to understand as they continually funnel their apparently narcissistic and dissociative disorders into various legislative channels. A great deal of speculation has been expended on, for example, the question of Harper's bizarre Millenrian-like, remarkably one-sided, support of Israel. Is he motivated by simple vote-grubbing, or by his evangelical beliefs, by a shockingly simplistic misunderstanding of historical events, or by a mentally disturbed desire to see complex issues in a completely black and white manner? Similar question revolve around Harper's reaction to the issue of the growing war in Ukraine. What, for example, leads a guy like Harper to cozy up to the Chinese regime, unquestionably one of the most brutal, human-rights violating, and dangerous governments in the world, while condemning the Russian government in such a simple, black and white way? I certainly believe that any explanation for this apparent dichotomy that appeals only to vote-hunting is totally inadequate.

One thing seems clear to me: Harper and his crew demonstrate their near psychopathic mind-set in dealing such as the Ukraine question. As Harper attempted, in what, on a world stage, looks like a rather sadly pathetic attempt, to wield the sword of Canadian power by enacting various sanctions on Russia, his mental simplicity and animal-like puffery has become increasingly apparent. But yesterday, the depth of Harper's instability became clear when Russia retaliated with sanctions of its own. As one listened to the words coming out of the Harper cabal, one got the distinct impression that they were genuinely surprised by Russia's retaliation. Their surprise is, perhaps, motivated by a child-like simplicity that expresses itself in the notion that when one is so sure that one is on the right side of an issue, one's opponents wouldn't dare retaliate. You can almost see Harper and his ministers thinking to themselves "how can Russia dare retaliate when they are so clearly in the wrong?" Like truly incompetent politicians, Harper and his henchmen seem to really believe that they simply have to wave their magic wand of moral righteousness and whatever problem is at hand will simply vanish in a puff of saintly rectitude. They revealed some of their simplicity and disingenuousness yesterday when they said that the Russian sanctions wouldn't hurt the Canadian economy and then, almost int he next breath, said that they can't only consider economic questions when making foreign policy.

The Harper regime's madness is of the kind that is notoriously dangerous when it comes to democracy. When people are suffering from a pathological narcissism and dissociative illness, they tend to go off the rails when the world fails to conform to their simplistic righteousness.  When things don't go their way, such people have a terrible time accepting that they interpreted things wrongly or that the people turned against them. Rather, like Nixon, they look for conspiracies and satanically-induced plots for their failure. This is the stuff that coups are made of. As the Veteran's Affairs Minister and the Employment Minister throw around wild accusations that de facto suggest that the leader of Liberal Party is knowingly consorting with Islamic "terrorists," one can really see the dangers of the unhinged cabal that is in control of our government. It is not an unreasonable jump from these actions to outright accusations of foreign influence in next October's elections. Given all that has occurred, it is easy to imagine a Harper regime so driven by their own sense of moral righteousness that they would attempt to avoid or overthrow an election loss through an action of martial law. If you don't believe such a thing is possible just listen carefully to how they speak and watch carefully how they act when the world doesn't conform to their simple black and white view of their own moral rectitude. It is ominous and speaks of deep-seated mental disturbance.


Anonymous said...

Equally disturbing is the extreme censorship of any dissenting views now in effect in the Cdn news media. The "moderators" of the comment sections are literally wiping out any mention of factual information that digresses from the predetermined story line.

None of the parties are immune to strict talking point discipline, but the Harperites take it to a new level, apparently welding censoring influence to the highest and lowest levels of the news media.

Gloabal News changed to a Microsoft/Facebook/Hotmail based comment system, ostensibly due to "privacy considerations" in the new anti-spam laws. Given I have been twice locked out of my Hotmail account only used to make comments on Global, I can only presume someone at Global has taken umbrage at my comments which are similar to those in your post above.

Welcome to the Secret Police State of Canada.

the salamander said...

.. you've touched on several examples of very disturbing behavior and actions or inactions by our current PM and 'his' government.

The list as you know is becoming endless. So ponderous is it to recite even the Top Twenty failures, errors, deceits, aggressions, insults, frauds.. that most won't keep mentioning them.

Regardless, they do need to be identified, examined, proven and publicized.. catalogued, defined, recirculated.. after all its their legacy we are talking about.. not ours.

Some are arcane, others brazen, many are outrageous, certain are critical.. all are related. Emily Dee has done magical work in this area, and journalistic indy blogs like yours are in the same realm.

How we spoon feed willing mainstream media with each of these obvious Harper Party un-Canadian actions or failures is the challenge. How concerned & astute people like you or Damien Gillis align with folks like Franke James or Neil Young is also the challenge of our lives

The general public really needs to see the Harper Fallacy stripped bare - humiliated .. seen for what and who they are

Owen Gray said...

Excellent analysis, Kirby.

thwap said...

Good post. It made me think that the insanity of US repugnican-led politics has infected us, but it still hasn't taken over the host.

We've slipped quite a ways down since the days of Lyin' Brian Mulroney, but we're not so insane that Ezra Levant isn't reliant on government largesse to subsidize his career, whereas the equally repulsive Sean Hannity is a multi-millionaire, supported by legions of brain-dead chumps.

There are enough progressives in Canada who recognize the harpercons as being clearly insane, that our mainstream media has to trim their sails with regards to their enthusiasm for them.

But the harpercons are debasing us. Just as they're a symbol of our debasement. Just like Rob Ford is a symptom and a virus all at the same time.

btw: I shared both your recent Palestine/Indigenous People posts with my multitude of facebook friends.