Monday, September 15, 2008

Conservative malevolence and Liberal incompetence

As badly as the Conservatives have done in almost every respect, it is remarkable that anyone, even dyed-in-the-wool supporters, would vote for a conservative candidate. The primary source of my surprise is found in the horrendous way in which the conservatives have handled the economy, the area where they have always lauded themselves as the most effective party. Their failure on the economy is probably the primary reason that they called this snap-election (which they promised never to call early in their own party-political interests), because they are fully aware that by spring Canada will be in a deep recession, leaving them no chance at reelection. (Of course, we cannot overlook the possibility that their total failure to ensure economic prosperity has been part of their plan which, coupled with their corporate tax-cuts which have brought them to the brink of a deficit, would give them the excuse they wanted to make even deeper cuts to social programs and instigate private healthcare.) Anyway as blind as conservative voters are to the simple facts of Harper’s lies and incredible incompetence, we cannot overlook the total ineptitude of the Liberal party to run any campaign, even an ineffective one! They have continually, even before the election was called, let the Conservatives set the agenda and terms of debate on almost every issue. They have done almost no advertising, and what they have done has been remarkably ineffectual. They have watched as a Prime-minister who has nearly bankrupted the country, is wallowing in numerous horrendous scandals, and who has the personal charm of a komodo-dragon, and they have done nothing! Meanwhile the Conservatives have continually attacked Dion’s character without any fear of a response. The Liberals have given the notion of ‘swift-boating’ a whole new dimension! The Liberals will lose this election to the most incompetent, most draconian, coldest, most malevolent Prime Minister this country has ever seen while they are sitting on their hands doing less than nothing!

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