Friday, January 29, 2010

Khadr, another nail in the Coffin of Canada' democracy. . .

Make no mistake, we have all lost today with the Khadr Supreme Court decision. What the Supreme Court decided today was de facto that the Canadian government can export prisoners to other countries and have them tortured with no accountability. Once they are not on Canadian soil the courts have no jurisdiction over our citizens. The Court agreed that Khadr's charter rights had been violated but said that it had no jurisdiction over a citizen that was not in the country. Therefore all the government has to do to hold people without charge and have them quickly export out of the country into the hands of a foreign government and then the courts can do nothing about it. If you think this is alarmist or an exaggeration, that is the kind of things German citizens said in the early thirties. 

This is the darkest day in Canadian democracy. The Conservative attack on democracy is ruthless and unrelenting and we all lose. Fascism is winning guys, watch it happen. 

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