Friday, January 1, 2010

A new Year a new level of Hypocrisy.. . . .

A new year and there is a gloom over the future of our race and our country. Capitalism sawa a major crisis but the reaction was not really to change it for the better but to give more money to the very people who have corrupted the system and are gradually destroying our humanity. CHarles Lamb dedicated the publication of his Works to his friend Samuel Coleridge and in this dedication he said that as we grow older 'life loses much of its poetry.' And perhaps the world itself is growing old and losing much of its poetry. Certainly we live in an age of cynicism and hypocrisy. And perhaps the greatest act of hypocrisy this year was the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to President Obama just as he was expanding a neo-colonial military conflict that has little or nothing to do with the defense of his realm. 

I suppose the simple definition of political hypocrisy is vehemently criticizing others for what you would fully support if your party undertook the same actions. And this has certainly become the normal process of things today. Bit it seems that we have gone a step beyond simple hypocrisy to a world of bizarre Owellian madness. Here in our country the Prime Minister has once again prorogued parliament specifically to gain a political advantage and to avoid difficult and pressing questions concerning a serious issue of War Crimes. Now if another party was doing this very same thing we wouldn't be able to hear ourselves think over the din of Conservatives telling us of abuse of power and the downfall of democracy. Indeed in 1997 Stephen Harper even wrote an article criticizing such things and  suggesting that successive government abuse of power has left us with little more than a benign dictatorship. Now the very thing the Conservatives claim to have despised are the very thing they have become. This is a grand demonstration of the level of hypocrisy to which we have reached. And the proof of the cynicism that we have embraced is demonstrated in the number of people who just don't care that we are watching democracy slowly corrode from within. 

Let's hope the new year brings a change. 

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