Monday, June 28, 2010

A Dark Future for Canada. . . . . ..

Though I am not a Liberal it has in recent months become very notable what advantage a Liberal Government has over a Conservative one in this country. When the last Liberal Government was faced with a scandal of a significant partisan nature they called a public inquiry into the issue. Now we have a government mired in numerous issues of huge public significance a number of which should be publicly investigated by an arm's length body. These include the Afghan detainee issue, the In and Out Scandal, the isotope issue and the part played by Minister Lisa Raitt as well as the firing of the watchdog, the Maxime Bernier affair, the Jaffer/Guergis affair, and now the G20 fiasco. But this Government would not call a public inquiry into their own conduct even if we had video of John Baird and the Prime Minister meeting with high-level Montreal underworld figures. This Government's strategy; lie, stall, stonewall, deny, spin, turn the page, prorogue parliament, fire staffers, anything but face a process of accountability. Personally I even think that the Government's conduct surrounding the former coalition should be investigated by a public inquiry because we had a Prime Minister of  Canada publicly lying about the constitution and John Baird publicly suggesting that they would not abide by the GG's ruling if it went against them. This is called treason.

The message to future Governments of Canada? Dishonesty works! Do anything to manipulate the system to your advantage. And of course, future politicians will learn from all this and operate the same way. The future of Democracy and Government in Canada is dark indeed.

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