Wednesday, June 2, 2010

G20 Boondoggles and the rule of fear. . . . .

Does anyone else have a nagging and troubling suspicion that Harper's Government may have somehow been involved in the fire-bombing of the Royal Bank in Ottawa recently. The scenario would look something like this: realizing that they had engaged in outrageously imprudent fiscal mismanagement in their on going effort to control absolutely everything, dark forces in the Harper regime might have looked around in a panic for how they might justify their billion dollar boondoggle. Having a bit too much to drink while brainstorming, these dark forces could have found their way out to commit an act of perceived terrorism that required no more than a Coke bottle and a liter of gasoline. And WHAM! Instant justification for spending hundreds of millions of dollars that everyone knows didn't need to be spent but was only another demonstration of their fiscal irresponsibility and tyrannical drive to control everything. Only a short ride from their offices on the Hill, the Royal Bank in the Glebe was a perfect target for their drunken panic. And of course such an event would be entirely in line with the overarching Conservative strategy, which is foster fear and hate as much as possible.

To all those government lawyers out there, this is, of course, simply a fanciful and speculative jest. To all of those naive folks who think such things never happen; OPEN A HISTORY BOOK!

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Anonymous said...

Under the influence of alcohol, anything is possible. Of course, it's easy enough to imagine drunken bored teenagers doing the same.

In any case it doesn't justify $1B on security.

Maybe if they'd firebombed it with a dirty bomb, but otherwise no.