Friday, May 28, 2010

Kenney's lies, Billions Wasted, Parliament burns while Harper fiddles. . . . .

What a rich week! 
Yesterday Minister Kenney lied blatantly on national television suggesting that when he was in opposition he never called political staffers to appear before committees. An incredible lie which was laid bare by video now circulating on the internet showing him complaining that the political staffers that he called before a committee had not shown up. What wretched, lying, hypocrite you are Mr. Kenney!

And another in a long line of examples of Conservative fiscal mismanagement with a billion dollars being spent to host the G20. Three days - A BILLION DOLLARS! No one can mismanage money like Conservatives can. I used to think a billion for setting up a gun registry was a bit much but at least we got something significant for the money. The G20 is just a bunch of back-patting, free-marketeers who spend these weekends doing nothing except congratulating each other on how well the rich countries have exploited the poor ones over the past year, and think about more efficient ways they can exploit them in the future. 

Each week this government reaches new heights of hypocrisy, incompetence, abuse of power, misrepresentation, financial mismanagement, and destruction to democracy. 

I think Ignatieff should declare a national emergency equivalent to World War II and say we need a government of national unity to save our democracy from a real threat of destruction. Then the NDP and Liberals should carefully select ridings to pull out of to ensure that no vote splitting happens, thus wiping the Conservatives, who are hell bent on destroying our democracy, off the map. Unfortunately the Liberals have pushed so far to the right that I am  not sure that at a policy level it would make much difference. 

So it goes. 

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Rural said...

Ah thats what all the video showed, not having highspeed and with everyone simply posting the vid link I was left in the dark! So thanks for that....