Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Harper the criminal. . . . .

In a ministerial statement made today Mr. Jay Hill says the following regarding the question of Ministerial Staffers being banned by the Government from appearing before Parliamentary committees.

"We recognize that the committees do have the authority to call for persons and papers."

So they recognize that the committees have the authority and yet they are saying that the staffers will not appear.

This is called a willful violation of the constitution and the constitution and the law. According to the Harper government's own claims about law and order they should put themselves in prison.

A shocking number of Canadians apparently don't care about a government that willfully flouts the constitution, the law, and the will of parliament. Let us not forget that Hitler was elected to government.


thwap said...

Harper hates Canada.

kirbycairo said...

Of this I have no doubt whatsoever Thwap.

But it appears that over thirty percent of Canadians also hate Canada or are content to be so ignorant of their own political system that they are destroying this country.

Cari said...

Harper can get away with it, because he can cause another ruling by the speaker, that he is in contempt and he will call an election.
No one really cares what he does and will vote for him regardless..tells you how untelligence works at it's best