Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Guergis the Hypocrite. . . . .

I can barely keep my dinner down as I watch Helena Guergis cry into the microphone in her interview with Peter Mansbridge. For years Ms. Guergis has been an active member of one of the most mean-spirited, nasty, partisan, governments that I have ever seen outside a Third World dictatorship. It has never bothered Ms. Guerigis before that Harper and his mob are mean and nasty in their game of politics and that they have absolutely no interest in due process for anyone, particularly if that person can serve their political interests. This woman even said that she considered Mr. Haper a personal 'friend' of hers!!!!!!! But I guess she didn't mind that her 'friend'  hates democracy and the constitution and the process of law! Ms. Guergis only cares about due process when she is the perceived victim of Harper's campaign of hate and lawlessness. Stand up, anyone who thinks that if Guergis was still on the inside and it was some other MP being used and abused, she would stand up and protest the government's failure to act respectably. Everyone knows that if Ms. Guergis really believed in due process, the rule of law, the constitution, and just basic rules of respect and fair-play she would never have been involved in this government in the first place. And keep in mind that she was not some lowly backbencher but she has been in cabinet and proven herself just as mean-spirited and nasty as the rest of them. And now suddenly we are supposed to believe her 'golly-gee' soft-spoken, I am an innocent crying lady routine. I think not. If you lie down with dogs you get up with fleas Ms. Guergis, and if you conspire with evil, don't be shocked when you become evil's victim.

Reap the whirlwind of your own making, you heartless, inhuman, conniving, criminal scumbag.

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LeDaro said...

You're a bit harsh on her but one has to agree with your reasoning. Guergis was very much part of the evil empire of Harper.