Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Harper is the "I didn't do it" kid.. . . . .

So as predicted the Harper's Dictatorship is already blaming the Liberals or the international community's powerful rejection of Harperland and all that it represents.

Dimitri Soudas, the rather pathetic spokesperson for the Harper Dictatorship has said that a big factor in the loss is Mr. Ignatieff's comments that were vaguely critical of Harper's record.

This is a de facto admission that Mr. Ignatieff is already the most powerful man in the country and wields considerably more power that our present Prime Minister. In the final analysis Harper is like Bart Simpson; never take responsibility and just say "I didn't do it!"

So by all means, Commandant Harper, keep making the argument that the world decided not to give Canada a seat at the Security Council because Mr. Ignatieff made one public suggestion that Canada under the Harper Dictatorship has not served the principles of the United Nations. Each time you say it you just strengthen the point that you are not fit to run this country.

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