Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The World rejects Harper and his policies. . . .

I am glad that Canada has lost its race for the seat on the UN Security Council that the Harper Government so hypocritically sought. I am glad first of all because the UN Security Council is an absurd institution, a dinosaur that makes no sense in the modern world. The idea that a handful of countries should have a veto over the UN’s most important tactical decisions makes no sense, and this veto is even more absurd when we consider that the temporary members on the Council do no share that power that the permanent members exercise. The vast majority of UN members are very opposed to the expansionist policies of the State of Israel, for example, but these policies cannot be fought by the international community because only the Security Council’s decisions are properly binding and the US wheels and deals with the other four permanent members to ensure that the world’s will remains thwarted. This, and many other cases, demonstrates that the UN Security Council is the plaything of a small number of countries.

But I am also glad that Canada has lost its bid because it demonstrates that other countries in the world realize that Canada is in the midst of a national nightmare in which a Government that represents a minority of Canadians has run roughshod over the traditions of this country. The Harper government is a blindly ideological body that perverts the principles of justice, peace, democracy, equality, fairness, and honor, and people all over the world realize this. Harper and his childish bullies are an embarrassment to this country on the international stage, and a genuine threat to democracy and justice here at home.

I hope we will soon awake from this nightmare through which we are living. Today was one small victory. I am certain, true to their form, the Harperites will blame someone else for their failure and for the international rejection of their political style and principles, but it surely will be a hard sell. They will own this failure, and when history is written Canadians will judge this government most harshly.

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