Monday, August 22, 2011

The End of Summer, the End of an Era. . . .

Today felt like the end of summer in more ways than one. The profound sadness that I feel at the passing of Jack Layton are only rivalled by the disgust I feel at the fawning, hypocritical posthumous praise that right-wingers have been heaping on his memory. They talk of respecting Mr. Layton despite the fact that they disagreed with his politics. What, if you will pardon the expression, a load of bollocks! The rightwing in this country did everything they could to silence Jack Layton, just as they hope to silence everyone who opposes their dictatorial corporate agenda. Their favorite way of shutting down Mr. Layton was to refer to him as "Taliban Jack." But this is the way of the rightwing, shut down and silence all opposing views in a rabid effort to undermine democracy and the cause of equality and justice.

But for those of us on the left, even when we didn't agree with all of Layton's position, were reminded by him that, despite the rightwing's best efforts, the fight is worth waging and the war will be won. And to all the rightwingers who hypocritically praise Mr. Layton now that he is dead, my message for you is that "you will lose your war on justice!" The right may win some battles, they may hold back progress, but they will lose the war. For thousands of years we have been winning the war to build democracy, to  increase equality, to recognize the rights of workers and minorities, and to undermine the power of the rich. Despite the efforts of the right to hold the world back, we will move forward.

Our promise to Jack Layton - we will keep fighting and when we are gone our children will keep fighting. Our promise to the right - enjoy your small moments of victory - we have seen the enemy and he is ours.

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