Tuesday, August 16, 2011

No Need to Reflect. . . . The Establishment Tells us What We Need to Think.

Just one more interesting note of the British insurrection - yesterday Prime Minister Cameron told us that they were going to investigate and reflect on the recent events. But before any reflection or investigation he told us that we have to understand that the riots weren't about race because not every rioter was black, and the riots were not about cutbacks or economic dépravation or democracy.

In other words, the Prime Minster wants to make sure that before the investigate or reflect on the events, we all already know what the conclusions should be.

Tories have never been interested in truth so it shouldn't surprise us. But what continues to be surprising to me (though at this point it really shouldn't) is that people buy this stuff. It is not surprising that riots and insurrections happen - it is surprising that they don't happen all the time.

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Owen Gray said...

Mr. Cameron comes from a privileged background. He has no conception of what life is like for the people in the streets.

He's ruled out their experience. For him it's utterly irrelevant.