Saturday, June 23, 2012

Harper learning from the Best????

It emerged the other day that with his fortunes apparently fading, Harper had a secret meeting with Brian Mulroney in the hopes of improving his political future.

In related news Haper has a number of other meetings coming up; these include -

-Meeting with the Italians to learn how win wars.
-Meeting with a Jamaican delegation on how to improve Canada's Bobsledding techniques.
-Meeting with Simon Cowell for suggestions on how to be more polite and personable.
-Meeting with Rod McKuen on how to be a genuine poet.
-Meeting with Howard Stern for advice on how to be more sensitive to women's issues.


Steve W said...

I hold very little respect for Mr Brian Mulroney and now hold even less knowing he would meet with the despotic clown Harper. These elder Canadian statesmen need to be speaking out against this regime NOT offering the helping hand.

The Mound of Sound said...

Steve is feeling the heat, what with the NDP outpolling his Cons. The Tories have a rich history of turning on their own. Think Diefenbaker or Joe Clark. Harper is in a worse position. Having imposed one-man rule on his caucus, he's left a lot of his own without much to do save for sharpening their knives. Like a pack of jackals, once the Alpha dog stumbles the rest will pounce to rip his throat out. Steve's desperate enough that he'll suck up to Mulroney for help salvaging something out of Quebec. He knows the pack is circling.

kirbycairo said...

Dear Mound of Sound - people forget that within the British parliamentary system seemingly powerful leaders can fall suddenly when faced with open rebellion from their own. Look at Thatcher. It only took one man, Michael Heseltine, to bring her down. (Of course the rules are slightly different in the British Tory party allowing anyone to stand against the leader.)

All my instincts tell me that such top-down, iron-fisted rule such as Harper's is, by its nature, a very limited opportunity in a system such as ours. Harper must be building up tremendous resentment among his MPS and once they see support for him as a liability rather than an assest they will abandon him en masse. It seems to me that strong leadership is strong based, in part, on its flexibility and mass loyalty. Harper has neither because you don't get loyalty through fear, you only get obedience and once the power of the fear is gone so is the obedience.