Sunday, June 3, 2012

Is the Earth Really Flat??

I woke up this morning when the rest of the house was asleep and went into my studio to work on my latest shadow box. I turned on my TV and what greeted me but the celebrations on the Thames of the Queen's diamond jubilee. It was a true spectacle with tens of thousands of people lining the river and jolly BBC commentators telling us that this is a "major event in the 21st century."

What a depressing way to start an already rainy Sunday! Is there an opposite of the expression "we've come a long way"?? Well if there is, that is exactly what we should apply in this situation. Despite great progress, we really haven't come that far have we. Mega celebrations of hereditary wealth and power in the midst of a crumbling socio-economic system really is a sign that we are, in many ways, stuck in the past, unwilling to embrace a better future for our race.

My father, who was born and raised in England in a communist family, used to say "Give them uniforms and a marching band and the English will follow you anywhere." But he knew that such demonstrations were by no means confined to the people of Briton. People everywhere are simply loath to abandon hierarchy and authority. I don't know this phenomenon is a result of people's unwillingness to trust themselves or what, but it is depressingly pronounced everywhere you look.

Two Faces of London. . . 


Beijing York said...

Anonymous posted a high quality, souvenir video of Jacqueline Desmarais' 80th Birthday extravaganza from 2008. Guest included Chretien, Mulroney, Clarkson, Bouchard, Charest and even George H. Bush. Many of the comments to the media coverage of this released video ranged from "who cares" to "people are just jealous" to "it's not the same as when Anonymous posted Assad's wife's e-mails re: her lavish spending when people are dying in Syria".

I don't get how the PR machine can rally hatred for filthy rich dictators that our countries want to topple while our own highly entitled and powerful corporate and legacy aristocracies get a pass if not incessant praise. Thankfully some people are starting to wake up and recognize that the 1% are making all our lives a misery.

doconnor said...

It's part of human nature to hierarchical. The Monarchy is a relatively benign way of expressing it. Without out it the Prime Minister would get additional unjustified respect and adulation.

Besides, Her Majesty seems to be a better person then most of the politicians we manage to elect.

kirbycairo said...

@doconnor - I would take your comment more seriously if I believed in "human nature."

Steve W said...

"Her Majesty seems to be a better person, blah, blah, blah.."

Hereditary privilege is always wrong. I don't care how nice a lady Elizabeth Windsor is, the only good monarchy is an abolished one. Period.

doconnor said...

It is Chimpanzee nature for males to maintain a strict hierarchy.

Would wouldn't a "human nature" exist if a Chimpanzee nature exists, even if it would be different then Chimpanzee nature?