Thursday, January 10, 2013

Same old Hypocrisy. . . .

The Sixth Estate does a great job today in exposing the hypocrisy nascent in the ongoing attitude toward Chief Spence in particular and the Native Governments in general. It amazes me how corrupt our present government is and yet it continues to have the gall to attempt to marginalize others with accusations of financial malfeasance.

But hypocrisy seems to be the order of the week as the Ontario Premier has the gall to accuse teachers of attempting to undertake an illegal strike while his whole government is in a continued state of illegality with its Bill 115. The Premier knows full-well that this bill is illegal and that he will loose a Supreme Court challenge. This fact is evident from the Government of BC vs The Hospital Employees' Union decision which made it clear that governments cannot impose contracts. And the fact that the Premier knows his bill is illegal is evidenced in the fact that he has said he will rescind it as soon as the contracts are imposed and the labour unrest ends. This intent to rescind the bill is motivated on his hope that the Teachers' Union will not drag him to the SCofC where not only will he be humiliated and his legacy destroyed, but because he knows that his government's loss in court will end up costing the province more than it would have to settle with the teachers in the first place. Either way, the proposed one-day strike by teachers tomorrow is not illegal because Bill 115 is illegal in the first place then post facto the strike cannot be illegal because no legal contract prevails and therefore the teachers are in fact in a legal strike position.

If this week has carried any political lessons it is that governments have little or no shame. Harper and his supporters don't mind calling anyone fiscally irresponsible regardless of how evident the conservative government''s corruption becomes. And McGuinty doesn't mind enacting legislation that he knows full-well is illegal and then pretending to be on the legal and moral high-ground by throwing accusations against teachers whose rights he has attempted to destroy.


Owen Gray said...

They're shameless, Kirby -- pure and simple.

Anonymous said...

I thought the AG couldn't do his books? He couldn't get the information from Harper, to do so? Chief Spence offered her books. Harper keeps his own books, very tightly closed. Harper can't stand up to scrutiny. Harper knows that too.

Harper only wants two classes of citizens for Canada. The very wealthy and the very poor. That's the way it is in Communist China. To accomplish that, he has to get rid of the Unions. Harper idolizes China.

McGuinty has the same ethics and morals Harper has. Which are none.

Canada is a deep morass, pit of corruption. We need to shut Canada down, and start over. We need to reinstate our, Democracy, Civil Rights and Liberties, protect Freedom of Speech and our Human Rights.

We went to war so we would keep those rights. Our young Canadian boys were shot and blown to bits, so we wouldn't have, Communists, Fascist and Dictators in our country. Did our young boys die for nothing?

Snyder said...

If you're on facebook, you've likely seen all the McGuinty quotes from 1997 - like, "I'm on the side of the teachers." Somehow, they keep my spirits up. I think it helps that it's so very clear that he's a liar.