Sunday, January 13, 2013

White People are Just too Corrupt. . . . .

You know, I began to look into it and discovered, much to my surprise, that apparently economic malfeasance is quite common in this country. Have you heard about this? In the 1990s the Federal Liberal Party, then in Government, shuffled tens of millions of dollars through government coffers into the hands of their friends in the advertising and promotions field, skimming off millions for themselves. They also spent billions of dollars setting up a gun registry that should have cost almost nothing. I found out that in the 1980s fourteen Conservative members of the legislature in Saskatchewan were convicted of fraud for making phoney expense claims. Our present Conservative government spend a billion of dollars on one weekend meeting, building fake-lakes and diverting funds to the ridings of their MPs for unrelated projects while at the same time rounding people up in the streets and illegally putting them in detention centres.

Did you know about this stuff?

Then I began to look into it and found that these kinds of scandals go back into our history since the beginning. Even members of the government of the much loved John A. Macdonald were accused of being involved in bribery! And then I found out about the King-Byng Affair. Imagine my surprise.

Well after much reflection and thought, I have come to a painful conclusion. It seems clear that White Canadians are simply not capable of taking care of their own financial affairs. Corruption obviously is far to imbedded in their culture and they are just too immature to take care of themselves without inevitably falling into a spiral of corruption. It is sad but we just have to face the facts. Their economic and political leaders have an undue share of the social wealth while some of their people have fallen into poverty. White culture is a sea of corruption and inequality and yet they pretend to be adhere to democratic principles.

And now I find out that they are doing all of this while at the same time raping the environment, selling out their future to foreign interests, and leaving a legacy that will so damage our future that their children and grandchildren will suffer terribly from their neglect and malfeasance. They take, take, take, without thought of themselves or their future. Their culture is obviously disgustingly degraded and corrupted. They treat their women horribly (allowing them only token participation in government and business), their internet is full of pornography and crime is rife in their financial institutions. Meanwhile a handful of white people have hoarded almost all the wealth and the majority of them purport to think that this is a "natural" order of things. Their religious organizations are hopelessly degraded and sexual misconduct is inherent in the system.

White Canadians are obviously racially incapable at this time in history of acting responsibly with their money or their environment. It is time to change all that. Another nation needs to come in and take control of their money and government for their own good. We need to take their children away from them and put them in schools where they can be pulled into a more mature future. Here we can outlaw their language and separate them from their history of barbarism.

It is all very sad but it must be done now before it is too late.


Anonymous said...

Yes, we knew about our corrupt government. We still know of our corrupt government. Nothing has changed. Scores of we white people firmly believe, Harper cheated to win the election, with his robo-call fraud.

BC people tried to warn? Harper was a snake in the grass. Ex BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell works for Harper. He shipped BC's mills to Communist China, along with the raw logs. That put hundreds of BC mill people, right out of jobs. China owns BC mines. We said. Campbell had China send their people to school, to learn 100 English words, so they could take BC's mining jobs. Harper's omnibull bill, permits China to sue any Canadians, getting in China's way. China sued in BC, to take the mining jobs.

CSIS also warned of, China's huge intrusions into Canada. BC was specifically mentioned. No-one would listen to us.

We white people are aware of the F.N. plight. We Canadians of the 99%, have no rights either. Scores of we white people, are supporting the F.N. people, against Harper's evil treachery. We know Harper for what he is? He isn't much. I see Harper, as a Traitor to Canada.

Owen Gray said...

I'd say the pot is calling the kettle black.

Anonymous said...

This is why you are my fave blogger Kirby :)


Anonymous said...

It may be the Neanderthal genetic contribution.

It is thought that a reason Europeans seem to have a higher incidence of psychopathic tendencies may be due to their elevated concentration of Neanderthal genes.

Neanderthals are very well documented as being cannibals and we see evidence of the same behavior in Europe throughout history as an example of genetic behavioral predisposition.

I still believe that life experience factors trigger psychopathy in (any) human, including those with high levels of Neanderthal genetic contribution. However unfortunately the prevailing culture seems to promote such emotionally traumatic life experiences. The North American male 'macho' identity seems to promote psychopathic predispositions, including the forsaking of the emotional condition.