Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How Embarrassing Can This Get?

I find the idea that Jim Flaherty is pressuring financial institutions not to lower mortgage rates sadly amusing. I have always said that the conservatives don't really believe in "free-markets." Their real commitment is to well controlled markets manipulated in the interests of the rich. I guarantee that if mortgage rates were at 15 or 16 percent Flaherty wouldn't be making any calls of pressure to financial institutions telling them to lower their rates. And if people were losing their houses all over the place, the HarperCons would tell us that it is unfortunate and all but such events are just market corrections and interference would only make things worse.

Let's not forget that this is "deficit" Jim Flaherty, the man who, despite claims that he opposes deficit spending on principle, appears to be congenitally incapable of balancing a budget. When he was minister of finance in Ontario he left a five billion dollar deficit even in times of relative prosperity. And then, on becoming the federal finance minister, he told people not to invest in Ontario out of personal spite at the Liberal government that threw him and his incompetent cohorts our to office.

This government really is beginning to look downright embarrassing  And as I watch them scramble and squirm they are finally looking like the typical scandal-ridden government that is on its way toward real humiliation at the box office. As everyone who is familiar with Canadian politics, government lose elections rather than oppositions winning them. And watching the Prime Minister chimping it up for a disgraced MP who has been kicked out for what is clearly criminal activity is almost pathetic. And what pushed it over the edge toward just plain embarrassing was listening to a PM say that a disgraced MP who illegially bought an election which he won by only 79 votes was the "best PM" the province has "ever had."


I once stood in a used car lot and the salesman told me that the Chrysler minivan was "the best product ever made." I knew at that moment never to buy a car from that guy. Would you by a used car (or a disgraced MP) from this guy?


Anonymous said...

What did you expect from a CON?


Anonymous said...

I'd always thought of a Con as a con but spelt with a capital "C". lol

Actually, Deficit Jim left a $6B, not $5B, deficit after proclaiming that he had balanced the budget. And, yes, you are correct about his doing that during boom economic times.

In contrast, Bob Rae owned up to the $8B deficit he had left Ontario but he did so during bad economic times. And yet the Cons supporters and the ignorant voters aided by the usual suspects in the MSM attack Rae/NDP for irresponsible spending while praising the Cons.

In opposition, Harper had severely criticized the lavish MP pension saying that if he signed on to it, he would not be able to go home and look his wife in the eyes. Yet, after Chretien gave the ultimatum, he and his other Reform colleagues who had also strongly criticized the MP pension, quietly signed on to it (only Preston Manning refused). Once you consider this, you can easily understand what kind of principles/morals/ethics Harper has. Is it surprising what we are seeing from Harper now?

I am convinced that the majority of voters who vote for these Cons do not really want a good, clean and competent government. Rather they want their noses in the public trough.

Owen Gray said...

Obviously, Kirby, Harper thinks we're all stupid.