Sunday, August 16, 2015

Harper on his Disgraced associates. . . . Please add more.

Stephen Harper has a long history of associating himself with people who turn out to be criminals or movers and shakers in a culture of corruption. Here are a few quote from Harper defending such people. Given all the disgraced people that Harper has hired and defended, there must be many more quotes out there to be found. If you have any, please leave them in the comments. Maybe we can prompt one of the opposition parties make a good video piece on this. . .

Harper on disgraced Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro -

"He serves his constituents and this House honourably, and I think we should all treat each other with a little more consideration . . ."

Harper on disgraced Conservative MP Peter Penashue -

"…this is the best member of parliament that Labrador has ever had." 

Haper on suspended Senator Pamela Wallen -

"I have looked at the numbers. Her expenses are comparable to any parliamentarian..." 

Harper defends disgraced chief of staff Nigel Wright -

"I have full confidence in Nigel Wright." 


Brian said...

Rick Salutin wrote this column awhile back about the Duffy affair. I always liked it.

I have to admit that part of me appreciates Mike Duffy for exposing Stephen Harper's sleazy operation in a way that no one else has been able to do so artfully. Covering up for Duffy isn't close to the most unethical or reprehensible thing the Conservatives have done, but if it takes Mike Duffy dragging the unethical Conservative weasels through a trial at election time about the machinations of their PMO on a mission for personal revenge, I'll take it.

Rural said...

Your suggestion is excellent Kirby, I am surprised that no one has contributed to the list. More consumed with anti- democratic actions than words I suspect I have many such examples in my archives but finding the desire to wade through al that shit is getting increasingly hard. The lies that Harper spews must indeed be brought before the electorate by someone.....

Simon said...

Hi Kirby...good idea. But you'll have to give me about a week, because his appalling judgement is so great, and the list is so long... ;)

Anonymous said...

"Mike Duffy, my hardest working Senator"