Sunday, May 3, 2009

Harper, Accountability, and the Future

In the Ottawa Sun this week appeared this commentary on the Harper record on the issue of accountability and open government. The fact that his appeared in a paper like the Sun demonstrates just how bad thing really are given the Sun's continual endorsement of the Harper government and their ability to ignore so many vital issues. It is a scathing indictment of Harper and his cronies and proves the point that it is not just the policies of Harper that are a problem; it is the threat he poses to democracy that is the real danger. 

But there is something I really don't understand about the Conservative attack on open government and accountability. THey have to know that the time will eventually come when they are are not in government anymore. That is how the system works, the opposition eventually forms government in Western 'democracies.' The Conservatives will then fall victim to the very system that they have created. They will have created a system that so hamstrings the opposition that they will be unable to hold the Liberals to account and will have little cause to complain because they will have been the mechanism that destroyed government accountability in the first place. Watch it happen. Sometime in the near future (either one year of a few) you will be watching Conservatives sitting on opposition benches complaining about the very set of circumstances that they so willfully created. And they will be full of bluster and indignation at the secrecy and lack of accountability of the Liberal Government. 

I just don't understand stuff like that.

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