Friday, May 29, 2009

Pierre Poilievre is a Racist

Once again I am embarrassed and appalled by the actions of my MP Pierre Poilievre. He has already had a long history of using racist remarks in public, now he has used the phrase "tar baby" in the House of Commons. And once again he will get away with it, demonstrating that his bosses in the PMO are completely tolerant of racism in their own ranks. 

And once again I am compelled to write a letter demonstrating my disgust with his blatantly racist behavior. I am sure it will do little or no good but Poilievre cannot be left with the impression that his constituents condone this kind of attitude. So here, once again, is my letter to my racist, petty, vindictive MP. 

Dear Mr. Poilievre –


Well once again your conduct in the House proves unprofessional and degrading. Your use of the term “tar baby’’ in the House of Commons is simply unbelievable. The long history of this phrase is well known to anyone with even a vague notion of our culture. And it is RACIST pure and simple! This phrase is, to many people, no less racist than the notorious “N” word and the fact that you would not know better than to use it in public leads observers to only two possible conclusion; either you are a racist or so astonishingly insensitive to issues of racial issues that you have no right to hold public office.


You already have a long history of such racially insensitive comments and I find it utterly remarkable that you continue to make such gaffs. Obviously, you are showing your constituents that you are incapable of learning from your own mistakes because you let your pettiness and vindictiveness get the better of you time after time, allowing yourself to fall into the bigotry that is obviously at the heart of your personality. You are continually demonstrating that you are a victim of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, a recognized condition of mental illness, and I highly recommend that you seek treatment for your pathology.


You simply cannot go on this way. Every time I turn on the television you are saying something bigoted, or just plain nasty, and teaching my children, and everyone else, that politics is about selfish vindictiveness rather than cooperation and hope. My own kids are smart enough to know what the implications are of a phrase like ‘tar baby’ and were just shattered that their own MP would use it in public. After seeing this remark my son asked me “why is our MP allowed to be a racist?” I demand that you write an apology to my children. And let them know that you are not advocating a racist position.


Please be a man and face up to your mistakes and demonstrate that you are capable of learning from your mistakes and free my kids from a terrible impression that you have left to the youth of your riding and this country.


Kirby Evans


Patrick Ross said...

I don't honestly agree that Poilievre is a racist. He made comments with racist connotations -- for which I am more than willing to denounce him -- but I don't believe he meant them in a racist manner.

Rather, he was too stupid to recognize when an otherwise cute metaphor is just a bad idea.

Which gives one more than enough reason to question his judgement.

kirbycairo said...

I appreciate that one should seldom attribute to malice what can easily be explained by stupidity. However, given Poilievre's consistent use of racially insensitive terms as well as the clearly racist things he has said about the aboriginal community, I really don't think he deserves the benifit of the doubt.

Mike said...

He couldn't be bothered to use google or wikipedia for two minutes?


he did it, he knew what it meant, but he didn't care. He did it because he knew it would have no affect here in Nepean Carleton. The voters here (especially the oldsters he trucks out of the retirement homes for the advanced polls every year) either think he is still a Progressive Conservative or don't care. He will not lose his seat or even break a sweat over this.

But we aren't talking about the $50 Billion deficit now are we? Pierre's shenanigans, which cost him nothing, have pushed the real issues off the table. He has performed exactly as the good little apparatchik he is, to help the party because it cost him nothing.

The whole PMO and Conservative cabinet are in on this. Pierre will feign ignorance and cover up this whole stinking thing.

$50 Billion in CPC mismanagement will force them to do anything to not talk about it. Even stoop to race baiting.