Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Was Gandhi a carpet-bagger?

In response to the sickening attack ads recently published by the Conservatives, I offer this small tidbit of information. Mohandas K. Gandhi left Indian in 1888 to study law in London after which he lived in South Africa for twenty-one years. During his time in South Africa Gandhi moved the nation and contributed significantly to the cause of the oppressed. When Gandhi returned to India after approximately 26 years he was greeted as a hero for the work he had done in the cause of justice. Even the poor and uneducated of India in the early years of the 20th century were able to look beyond their boarders and recognize that a contribution to the world by one of their own enriched all of them. Of course, as we all know, Gandhi went on to contribute incalculably to the nation of India both culturally and politically. Who would dare call this man a carpet-bagger? 


Anonymous said...

Well done. Who is more respected than Ghandi - not many.

Scott said...

Yes, good point. There should be no problem with Ignatieff's residence abroad. The problem we should have with Ignatieff, and where he parts ways rather dramatically with Gandhi, is his unflagging support for war, empire, and the West's domination of the rest of the world.