Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Harper's a Bully: Ignatieff's a coward!

Well, for all those Liberal rumor-mongers who spend the last month condemning Jack Layton at the merest suggestion that he might vote to keep Harper’s Government alive, it is time to eat your words. Because while the NDP has consistently voted against this Government in matters of confidence, the Liberal Party has proven once again that it is little more than a rubberstamping committee for Stephen Harper. Harper must be in a constant state of political orgasmic ecstasy. He surely can’t believe his luck; to have three spineless and weak opposition leaders in a row is a political dream come true. It would be laughable if it were not so pathetic! We watched the Liberal polling numbers go up over the past few months but now watch the numbers begin to creep the other way until the Liberals are back in the 20s again. The reason, of course, is simple. Harper operates in politics like a bully. But there is one thing people dislike more than a bully, and this is someone who acts as though they are tough enough to stand up to the bully only to back down at the very moment of conflict. This creates a kind of visceral impulse of disgust which lowers the would-be hero to a state lower than the bully. Being nasty and hostile is always distasteful in politics, but being cowardly is surely worse. If I were a Liberal today I would be hiding my head in the sand and ripping up my membership card. 

PS. A number of Partisan hacks have tried to leave comments on this posting suggesting that Layton tried to make a deal with Harper, and that Layton is a weak hypocrite etc etc.... as though in the absence of any actual deal between the NDP and Harper, Liberal hacks just make one up out of thin air! It is pathetic! I am not Partisan in any sense, I am no fan of Layton and have always made a point of criticizing him where critique is due. But this fact is simple: the NDP, whatever you think of Layton or NDP policy in general, is the only party in the House that has consistently voted against Harper in confidence matters. IT IS A SIMPLE FACT! The rest is spin. 

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