Friday, June 5, 2009

To Hell with Politics . . . Here's a fun poem for Cairo

I saw a piggy flying

Above my treehouse roof,

I’d like to show him to you but,

I haven’t got the proof.


Then I saw a polar bear,

Driving in a car,

I tried to follow on my bike

But he drove too far.


I saw a zebra in a mall

Shopping for a friend,

Everything I say is true,

I swear it’s not pretend.


I saw a penguin on a bike,

He juggled as he rode,

He threw a baseball and a shoe,

A chicken and a toad!


An elephant was in the park,

Going down the slide,

But pachyderms are much too big

To play on such a ride.


My friends say that I make things up,

Like Rhinos playing fiddle,

They say that I exaggerate,

Well … maybe just a little.


But some of what I say is true!

Some sheep were playing ball,

And I could swear I saw an ape

Make a cell-phone call.


But then my mother set me straight

As mothers often do

“Yesterday,” she said, “there was

A break-out from the zoo!”

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