Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer Election ..... Not!

We all know there won't be an election this summer so why don't the MPs all go home and the media stop talking about it so we can all get on with summer? And on that subject can someone tell me why the media and the politicians keep telling me that "no one in Canada wants a summer election" ?? It is as though a summer election would mean we would all have to spend the next two months doing hard labor in Leavenworth prison or something. I don't know about most other people but I can take a ride down to the local voting station and vote in about ten to twelve minutes from when I leave the house to when I return. So what, exactly, is the big problem? 

Anyway, back to the election that is not going to happen. If people are just willing to put aside their partisan fever they would surely see that the Liberals still look like a spent force politically. They have no serious political ideas or alternatives to the Government, and to be honest, there is very little to choose between the Harper Conservatives and the Ignatieff Liberals at a substantive policy level. The Harper Government has done some terrible things but Ignatieff would not reverse most of them, instead his own Government would just take advantage of these cuts in freedom of information, court challenges programs etc.. .. etc. The only real differences at this point are stylistic ones. And though these can be important, most people in Canada don't seem to mind that Harper is a Machiavellian madman and therefore don't care if there is an election or not. 

Instead of an election, the Liberals will once again vote for the Harper Government as it has done for years now and we will go on for another year or so. Honestly, I think the Liberals and Conservatives should merge into one party. They could be called the Liberal Conservative Party of Canada. It is kind of catchy don't you think? 

Perhaps the 'people of Canada' don't want an election because even if the government changed, most people understand that it would make surprisingly (and tragically) little difference. 

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