Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Slavery

The healthcare reform 'debate' in the US has become comic to tragic proportions. Never before have I seen a population so actively promoting their own exploitation. There were, of course, African Americans who fought for the South during the Civil War but that was a long time ago now. However, if you think about it, the situation is not that different now. The African Americans who fought for the South were, for the most part, poorly educated, heavily oppressed, victims of slavery. Many of the fools actively opposing healthcare reforms which would be in the interest of the vast majority of Americans are poorly educated victims of a new kind of slavery; a slavery to an illusionary market which makes billions in profits off of the hardships of average people in the interests of a small elite. Not only are tens of millions of Americans uninsured or uninsurable, the number one reason for bankruptcies in the US stems from out of control healthcare expenses. Billions of dollars in healthcare costs in a for profit system are skimmed off for wealthy individuals and companies, and yet people are actively opposing a system which would guarantee that everyone is insured and that when people are most vulnerable they will not fall victim to greed and exploitation. And the American system is what some fools, like Harper, want to bring to Canada. 

What a sad, wretched race we are. 

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