Saturday, August 15, 2009

That Hideous Force....

Once again the government of Canada has acted reprehensibly, irresponsibly, and perhaps criminally, in the treatment of one of our citizens. Suaad Mohamud, a Canadian citizen was detained in Keyna with the assistance and cooperation of officials of the government of Canada. And, in an act that has frightening overtones, the Canadian government handed official documents over to the Keynan government to aid in their false accusations and abuse of this woman. And what is Stephen Harper's response to this abuse of power? It tells people to be more careful when traveling abroad!!! And to add insult to injury this comes on the very day that another Canadian court tells us that the government has abused Omar Khadar's rights and failed to live up to its United Nations obligations concerning the status of Child Soldiers. All the while the finance minister and a large group of his cronies are spending millions of dollars travelling in China trying to boost their financial prospects while ignoring the epic abuse of rights that happens there everyday.

Stephen Harper is presiding over the sell-off of Canada, both literally and metaphorically. Everything that compassionate and responsible Canadians hope that we can stand for is being dismantled and stripped away. And a thoughtless, malevolent, evil regime is taking its place. It is that hideous force that seeks to take away our humanity and replace it with a society of millions of slave-like workers without rights or dignity, working at the behest of a small group of uber-wealthy who live in ridiculous prosperity. 

Tomorrow, a Shelley poem reminding us of how little progress we have made. 

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