Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Prorogue, again!

Frankly, I hope that Mr. Harper does try to prorogue parliament one more time as the rumor-mill has been suggesting. It will make it clear once and for all just how undemocratic and tyrannical Harper really is. Of course the down side is that the majority of Canadians don't even know what prorogue means and won't really understand what is going on. And we will also see just what a dangerous precedent was set last December when the GG allowed the Prime Minister to Prorogue for his own partisan interests. Some day we will all laugh (and then cry) when a Liberal Prime Minister prorogues parliament just to save his political skin and the Tories cry out at how undemocratic such a thing is.
So it goes. . . . . 

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rww said...

Long prorogations are unusual while long adjournments are not. There is no need to prorogue to have Parliament adjourn for a Christmas/Olympic break. Back when sessions usually ended at the summer break Parliament would adjourn at the end of June, return in September and prorogue and the new session would start a few days later.